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OSSA built a four-stroke powered motorcycle from 1958 to 1963. It was known as the 175 GT. It had an engine size of 172.4cc with a horsepower rating of 12hp.

Text Box: 1978 OSSA VI Days
Black plastic tank, hand made exhaust, Super Trapp silencer.

Text Box: These are pictures of the very rare 1968 Yankee 460 MX. Note the Koni shocks, oval swingarm, rear disc brake & OSSA Pioneer front fender.
Looks like someone put a tail light and license plate on this bike too.

Text Box: 1977 OSSA Phantom engine
Text Box: Here is a look at the Yankee 460 single

These pictures offer you a close look at the Bolger rear suspension on an OSSA 350 MAR BLT. This bike was seen at the Swap Meet in Carson City, Nevada in 2002.



Text Box: OSSA Wildfire with Mikuni carb and K&N airfilter as seen at Vintage Days West 2002

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