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Text Box: El Montadero as seen inside the SMOG tent at Sears Point 2002

Text Box: This is a 1984 Montesa-Honda 349. It is a special commerative model and is a one-year-only model that was sold only in England and Japan. This example is all original with only 120km on the clock.

Text Box: A nice example of the Zundapp GS 125 seen running around Sears Point Vintage Days West 2002

Text Box: A real trick looking CZ as seen at the 2001 European Swap Meet in Carson City, Nevada.
Notice the Maico forks, nickel plated pipe, Excel rims.

Text Box: An AJS racer as seen at Carson City in 2001. Looks like it has a water cooled engine and one hell of a huge oil tank.

Text Box: Sachs engined SWM 175with rare 7 speed gearbox.

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