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I bring to you on the Bultaco Page pictures of Bultaco's new and old. Enjoy

Text Box: Jim Pomeroy's OPTACO as seen at Vintage Days West 2002

Text Box: Notice the bolt together frame used on the OPTACO. The engine is also used as a stressed member.

Text Box: Another view of the unit used to mate the front and rear frame sections of the OPTACO together.

Text Box: Note the use of S&W Shocks and a Rickman rear hub on the OPTACO.

Text Box: 2002 Bultaco Astro as seen at Vintage Days West

Text Box: Right side view of the 2002 Bultaco Astro with 50cc's of water-cooled fun.

Text Box: Bultaco MK11 as seen at Vintage Days West 2002

Text Box: The Bultaco MK15
Imagine the possibilities

Text Box: Here are a couple of different ways to build a Speedway bike using Bultaco power.

Text Box: This wonderful collection of Bultaco Sherpa T's is from the  Lozano Collection
You can see more of this collection by clicking here @

Text Box: Here is a beautiful example of  a Bultaco 250 Gold Medal Frontera.

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